[Langsyne] stoppede karrieren i 2007 efter at have været aktive siden 1993.
Det blev til 5 Ep'er 1 Album, masser af sange der aldrig blev udgivet, samt lidt videoer og masser af billeder.
At dette vil nu blive frit tilgængeligt på denne hjemmeside, hvor alle numrene vil bliver lagt ud til fri download, både nye, gamle samt demoer som aldrig er blevet offentligt gjort.

About [Langsyne] - original text from langsyne.dk
Danish Hard Rockers [Langsyne] have just released their debut album Silent Storm on Noiz Music/EMI in Denmark . [Langsyne] was formed back in 1993, by Tue, Jacob and Rune.

Lead vocalist Michael Momme joined the band in 1997 and latest member Torben joined the band in 2003. In spite of the average age being 23 years, routine is one of the main words when you are to describe [Langsyne]´s music.

[Langsyne] is well known for their live performances that always cast a spell on the audience. The keys are attitude, energy and charisma which combined with the music, makes [Langsyne] unique on the Danish rock scene…

Back in 2002 the band went on a New Zealand tour and ended up playing 16 concerts, plus giving loads of interviews to radio, tv, and various papers and magazines. However the band was forced to go back to Danmark due to lack of funds.

Back in Danmark the band recorded the 5 track EP Muscle Rock produced by Tue Madsen (The Haunted, Mnemic, Raunchy etc.). The EP was a great succes for the band and they recieved excellent reviews from the media, and sold more than 500 copies within 10 Months.

Without a record deal, the band decided to begin the recordings of the debut album in the summer 2004. Legendary producer Jacob Hansen (Invocator, Raunchy etc.) was chosen, and the band finished the recording of Silent Storm in august 2004. Shortly after, [Langsyne] was contacted by Mikkel Søby from Noiz/EMI who loved the premix and after negotiating, the deal was signed in December.